Dressing the deceased

We know that many people prefer their loved one to wear their own clothing when they are buried or cremated – this is a personal choice for you to make. Any piece of clothing that represents the deceased personality or passion, hobby, occasion or clothing to represent an achievement are very popular. Items such as wedding dresses, football strips, military uniforms or motorbike leathers are some examples of frequently chosen clothing. Dressing your loved one in their own clothing is generally fine, but there may be some exceptions. We need to meet with regulations for cremations, which can restrict certain materials. Feel free to come to us for advice if you are choosing apparel for the deceased. Alternatively, we can provide gowns with each of our coffins, if you prefer not to dressed your loved one in their own clothing. It’s possible to view the full Leadbetter & Murphy range along with our coffin interiors. If you need more guidance, we’re always here to help – feel free to call us on 0151 733 3323.