Choosing the right coffin

The budget you can allocate and the preferred style will help to determine which choice of coffin is right for your needs. The most popular type of coffin is our traditional, high quality wood – this is a classic is very tasteful.

There are also a variety of alternatives available, such as wool, wicker, bamboo, cardboard, willow or recycled material – all of these options are becoming more and more popular in recent times.

Another growing trend is personal ornamentation with images, flowers, flags, clothing and even pictures placed on (or around) the coffin. It is also commonplace for people to place treasured items inside the coffin – jewellery or photographs for example.

If you have chosen a cremation, we may need to remove some of the items (due to crematorium legislation) prior to the cremation itself – we will ensure an removed items are discreetly returned to you.

Please contact us on 0151 733 3323 (24-hour manned line) to discuss the options available.